Photography Resume

I have you heard of a photography resume. If so, do you have one? If not would you like to create one? Well good, below I would give my suggestion to why its good to have a photography resume and few things that a photography resume is made of. *cheesing*

Photography resume does just about whY I regular resume do, but its builded sort of different. A photography resume must show not only show skill but creativity. Clients or future clients love to have the facts stated to them verbally or on paper, about the person(s) or company their interested in. Although this is true most would also prefer a visual example of the work provider by the person(s) or company. This is where the creativity comes into play. You can provide all the basic resume information but towards the end add a little visual effect. It will display the level of expertise or skills that you possess. I understand that today’s makes it easy for a photographer listed their qualification on their website, but its not a bad idea to have information print and ready for delivery upon asked as well.

To sum it up and not to make this a completely loooonnnnnggggg blog I would advise one  to add a visual portfolio to a basic resume. Background is important but visual is just important as well. So create a resume with a defined sections, work history, education, skills, and then add a portfolio section of the resume either a 8×10 or 11×16.