Dreams do come true!

Miss Kenyada Williams everyone! Remember that name because pretty soon it will in the spotlight. Ms. Williams is an upcoming actress and currently starting in multiple plays in and outside of   Jacksonville, Florida .  I am awaiting great things from this young lady. Remember where you hear it from first!


The “D” in Adrian DeiOn should stand for Dapper don’t you think?

This young man puts the “D” in Dapper, but there is much more to this young man. Not only does he own the runway when he walks he also shares runway technique by training young aspiring models. Adrian DeiOn is also available to assist with stylist tips.

So attention Men and Women if you find yourself in a situation where  you can not find that special outfit for that special event. Contact Adrian DeiOn model and your stylist at AdrianDeionM@gmail.com.

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A Mother’s Special Day!

Hi! Everyone!

That time is around the corner and even though many of us are grateful and show our mothers love and appreciation all year round Mother’s Day is still a day that our mothers have grown to enjoy.

I reach out to two awesome vendors to collaborate with Southern Elite Photography on creating a fabulous special for all Mothers!

We’re in the process of completing the final details today. We will post the complete package information tomorrow! I’m excited and you should be too!




Welcome Widrichs

I have a secret! I had the gritters when I first met this couple. I was nerves and out of character but their laid back vibes was contagious and I became calm. They told me they were simple folks and they just wanted their home wedding photograph but nothing fancy.

Their wedding took place in the comforts of their home. It was a small but private ceremony with only the family of the bride and the groom. Mumbled chatter and laughing buzzed through out the house as the bride prepared for her entrance. I giggled as the anxious bride and husband communicated through the door. I don’t want to give too much about the beautiful wedding but I would like to say the Bride has a voice of an angel!

DSC_0008E DSC_0082E DSC_0036E DSC_0014E DSC_0015E DSC_0031E

The Bride and grooms did not have the chance to have engagement photo completed due to busy schedules and the opening of the bride’s studio. {Insert name here} is instead they decided to have after the wedding portraits completed. And wow just wow you can see the love glowing from them.

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I would like to Thanks the bride and grooms for their patience and because of it I decided that they deserve to be giving that extra touch.

Look Who has a Skin Fetish

Let’s Welcome Judi Moise of Skin Fetish as part of the team! Judi is one of the vendors that will provide makeup service for the Clients of Southern Elite Photography. She is a license Esthetician and her skills for enhancing beauty are remarkable! She is excited about joining the team as much as I am about her providing and sharing her talented with us. Southern Elite Photography by LoRob goal is to continue providing the best and joining team with Judi is just adding fuel to the Growing Fire!

Take a moment and check out her site www.SkinsFetish.com Stay tune and get ready to see nothing but the best coming from us!


Vintage Fab

Meet the face and creativity behind VintageFab.com any may know her as MsGoodKarma101. Regina is rebranding VintageFab and we all know that is a task within its self. VintageFab is often confused as a consignment shop, it is not! Regina’s VintageFab sales not only vintage items and clothing but, gently use and……  But that’s not the only thing that MsGoodKarma101 can offer you as a service. She creates custom jewelry and has a healthy Youtube following with many health and life tips. She’s even a license Esthetician.

It was an honor to be chosen to provide her with professional headshots, also assisting with her rebranding concept and photographing her product for the re-launching of her Website. I called her the “Jack Of All Trades” and I was a pleasure working with her.

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Oh I little Trinket for Little Oh Me!

I will like to share this awesome trinket that I rewarded myself with. (you have to reward yourself every now and then). Well I saw this cute camera ring online on Esty and O.M.G. I just had to have it! And so I got it!

I Would like to Thank Annabell & Louise Designs for this cute little ring! Indeed it is a “Classic Accessories With A Modern Twist”!


DSC_0017DSC_0026DSC_0030 DSC_0032 DSC_0039DSC_0023


Click the link below to see more awesome items from AnnaBell & Louise!



Photography Resume

I have you heard of a photography resume. If so, do you have one? If not would you like to create one? Well good, below I would give my suggestion to why its good to have a photography resume and few things that a photography resume is made of. *cheesing*

Photography resume does just about whY I regular resume do, but its builded sort of different. A photography resume must show not only show skill but creativity. Clients or future clients love to have the facts stated to them verbally or on paper, about the person(s) or company their interested in. Although this is true most would also prefer a visual example of the work provider by the person(s) or company. This is where the creativity comes into play. You can provide all the basic resume information but towards the end add a little visual effect. It will display the level of expertise or skills that you possess. I understand that today’s makes it easy for a photographer listed their qualification on their website, but its not a bad idea to have information print and ready for delivery upon asked as well.

To sum it up and not to make this a completely loooonnnnnggggg blog I would advise one  to add a visual portfolio to a basic resume. Background is important but visual is just important as well. So create a resume with a defined sections, work history, education, skills, and then add a portfolio section of the resume either a 8×10 or 11×16.