35 Years of Love!

    “35 Years of Love” Those words by themselves speaks volume.

I felt like I was floating on air photographing this couple. Why, because that what love do it spreads happiness lol but seriously I was lucky to be in the presence of this couple. By watching them and visually documenting the history lets me know there is hope of love out there…..there really is.

The Linley’s has proving just that!!!!!




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Love Equals Birth~1Love

There is nothing I like more than to photograph life that is alive but not yet revealed! The love and protection that is build and displayed between the creators is remarkable.

This unborn has a strong name to grow into. With the knowledge that his parent hold I’m pretty sure he will wear that name with pride and live up to and maybe much more.

Its guarantee that Great thing will come from Noah…..just you wait!

Hurry up Noah…..we’re waiting for you!




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Its a Warehouse Shoot!

This year I had the chance to meet more awesome photographer throughout Jacksonville. I was invited to a wick warehouse shoot out. So many locations within the building and so many ideas that had came across my mind.

It was also great meeting up with old friends as well. I shot with a few beautiful ladies but I decide to share few of my favorites.

I love uniqueness! This young lady beauty was unique beautiful none the less as ….but unique as well. She was pretty cool to work it and I would love to work with her again in the future!

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Mother’s Day Sneak Peek

There’s nothing like being a mother! Can you agree? There is a never ending love that we, as mothers have that can never be replace by thing or anyone when it comes to your kids. And For those without kids…yet *winks* lol this feel is similar to the love of your mother.

Spending the day with Sheryl Jones and two of her adorable son was heart fulfilling. Here is a sneak peek of the ending result. I will post later today the how Sheryl enjoyed her entire morning being catered too. What a lucky lady!

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Alexandria is Nobody’s Wife

Discussing vintage clothing and the many displays of natural smiles is what my day consist of, in my session with Alexandra Corder, Founder of Nobody’s Wife. Headshots was the target for the session but become much more. From clothing to networking tips, from business strategies to motivational group, not to mention  information in regards to NPO (non profit organization) to different types of foundations. She is a Strong Supporter to all. This is definitely a woman that you would like to have in your networking circle. Her overall personality present is phenomenal! And do you see that Smile! Now…… if we can just work on this chewing gum habit!

Keep an eye out for this organization. The link is below!!!


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