The Bishops

Introduction The Bishops! To know them is to love them! This is yet the most lovable, down to earth and the most goofy family that I’ve come in contacted with so far.

There was never a dull moment when I was in the presence of this family.  Look up the definition of family and your guaranteed to see the Bishop faces plastered there!


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Mother’s Day Sneak Peek

There’s nothing like being a mother! Can you agree? There is a never ending love that we, as mothers have that can never be replace by thing or anyone when it comes to your kids. And For those without kids…yet *winks* lol this feel is similar to the love of your mother.

Spending the day with Sheryl Jones and two of her adorable son was heart fulfilling. Here is a sneak peek of the ending result. I will post later today the how Sheryl enjoyed her entire morning being catered too. What a lucky lady!

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