Don’t Let the Rain Bring You Down!

Why are you sitting around? You should have your camera in hand and snapping beautiful shots today. Yes, Yes, Yes I know it’s raining. Did you know that weather like this its a perfect time for you to be creating stunning black and white portraits. Low contrast setting such as a rainy weather can be great for capturing amazing black and white photos. The overcast, shadows, and highlights can being out or focus on the main object of the shot. I read a few tips about black and white photography, is that its a good idea to shoot in RAW and set your camera to a low ISO. If the ISO is too high, then noise would make the photo grainy and you would not want that. Another tip, you should focus on the shape, the tone, and the textures of the image to capture the point of the view in the photo. So grab your camera and go out and visit the world of Black and White photography. I know I will!

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