Style and Grace

Style and Grace are a few words you can use to describe this blessing to sore eyes! The world is his runway and he lives each day like he is putting on the best show in the world! He will give you nothing but the best! Be on the look out for more work of the model Jerry!


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The Bishops

Introduction The Bishops! To know them is to love them! This is yet the most lovable, down to earth and the most goofy family that I’ve come in contacted with so far.

There was never a dull moment when I was in the presence of this family.  Look up the definition of family and your guaranteed to see the Bishop faces plastered there!


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Dreams do come true!

Miss Kenyada Williams everyone! Remember that name because pretty soon it will in the spotlight. Ms. Williams is an upcoming actress and currently starting in multiple plays in and outside of   Jacksonville, Florida .  I am awaiting great things from this young lady. Remember where you hear it from first!


The “D” in Adrian DeiOn should stand for Dapper don’t you think?

This young man puts the “D” in Dapper, but there is much more to this young man. Not only does he own the runway when he walks he also shares runway technique by training young aspiring models. Adrian DeiOn is also available to assist with stylist tips.

So attention Men and Women if you find yourself in a situation where  you can not find that special outfit for that special event. Contact Adrian DeiOn model and your stylist at

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35 Years of Love!

    “35 Years of Love” Those words by themselves speaks volume.

I felt like I was floating on air photographing this couple. Why, because that what love do it spreads happiness lol but seriously I was lucky to be in the presence of this couple. By watching them and visually documenting the history lets me know there is hope of love out there…..there really is.

The Linley’s has proving just that!!!!!




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Love Equals Birth~1Love

There is nothing I like more than to photograph life that is alive but not yet revealed! The love and protection that is build and displayed between the creators is remarkable.

This unborn has a strong name to grow into. With the knowledge that his parent hold I’m pretty sure he will wear that name with pride and live up to and maybe much more.

Its guarantee that Great thing will come from Noah…..just you wait!

Hurry up Noah…..we’re waiting for you!




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